LGBTQ+ SupportME

Our Vision

Healthy & thriving LGBTQ+ youth who feel supported & connected to their communities.

Our Mission

The LGBTQ+ SupportME Network aims to

increase education & awareness of Maine's LGBTQ+ youth communities by providing trusted resources, collaborating with local organizations & identifying ways to create a culturally competent prevention workforce. 

LGBTQ+ SupportME focuses on tobacco & substance use prevention as well as building resilience for all youth. 

Our Values

Our work aims to, 

Encourage everyone to learn about Maine’s LGBTQ+ youth population.

Provide trusted resources to help youth connect to broader networks.

Partner with local organizations to improve overall support for LGBTQ+ youth.


Increase awareness & opportunities for LGBTQ+ youth, adults & allies to feel

empowered & supported.

Create a network of culturally competent communities.

Discover ways to engage local communities in important discussions & events.

"Openness may not completely disarm prejudice,

but it's a good place to start."  - Jason Collins

Our Partners 

LGTBQ+ SupportME


The LGBTQ+ SupportME Network holds virtual monthly meetings. Members include individuals & organizations that seek to prevent youth substance & tobacco use, support healthy eating & physical activity. 

The Network also focuses on increasing culturally competent prevention resources to engage & empower LGBTQ+ youth.


Anyone is welcome to join the Network

& participate in meetings.