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Health Promotion


MPS is a collaborative effort of the Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention as well as community partners that works across the state to prevent obesity, tobacco, & other substance use. 

Substance use affects many youth, families, & communities. There are things you can do regardless of who you are, how old you are, how much time you have, or where you live in Maine. Learn what you can do!

Let’s Go! is an physical activity & nutrition promotion initiative working with communities to create environments that support healthy choices. Bringing evidence-based strategies for healthy living into schools, early care & education programs, out-of-school programs, health care practices, & workplaces, Let’s Go! reaches children & adults where they live, learn, work & play.


“CTI’s Tobacco Prevention Services Initiative contracts with 14 District Tobacco Prevention Partners (DTPPs) across the state of Maine to implement objectives around prevention of youth initiation, reducing exposure to secondhand smoke & promoting tobacco treatment through the Maine QuitLink. DTPPs cover each community in Maine & can provide technical assistance in addressing tobacco use & exposure in key environments.

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The Sidekicks program works with young people & adult advisors in Maine to help teens find the words to talk to their peers about tobacco use & vaping.


Once trained as a Sidekick, youth have the skills to hold respectful conversations with their peers about tobacco use, as well as other risky behaviors.

Based out of The Opportunity Alliance in Portland, Maine, MYAN is a statewide network of committed adults & passionate young people who believe in the transformative power of youth leadership. MYAN values young people’s thoughts, voices & solutions for creating more equitable communities & just systems. Young people’s passion is the vehicle for building leadership skills, resiliencies, positive relationships, & personal agency. These are the factors that help young people lead healthy & successful lives.


“This Free Life”is a national campaign designed to prevent & reduce tobacco use among LGBTQ+ young adults who use tobacco.

Live Proudly. Live Tobacco-Free. You are unique and strong – don’t let tobacco use get in your way. We have resources, tools and customized programs to help you quit smoking and vaping. Take pride in who you are and what you can achieve.

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